Download and install Covadis 200x-8 with Autocad 2007

Download and install Covadis 200x-8 with Autocad 2007

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COVADIS 200x-8

Download COVADIS 200x-8 for free


A single interactive software, from coded survey to execution plans.
COVADIS is a complete, simple and interactive surveying and VRD design software guaranteeing you a global approach as well as total control of all your development projects.

By exploiting its object technology, its interactivity, its associative profiles, its dynamic platforms and its automatic measurements, you considerably reduce the time devoted to your studies.

Any subsequent modification of a project automatically regenerates the calculation and the quantities.
From the preliminary project to the execution plans,  COVADIS  allows you to optimize, thanks to its interactivity, all the stages of the study and the design.

COVADIS  allows you to carry out your topo metric calculations, your topographic plans , your subdivision projects, your urban development, your road repairs, your VRD projects, your hydraulic calculations, your network sizing, etc. Its use remains very simple for surveyors or designers.

COVADIS  is therefore the AutoCAD application dedicated to surveyors, VRD design offices, construction companies and local and regional authorities. It brings together, in a single software, all of the following "business" functionalities

⦿ Topography
⦿ Assisted drawing
⦿ Subdivision projects
⦿ Digital terrain model
⦿ Conception 3D
⦿ Terrassement multi plates-formes
⦿ Projets linéaires (voirie, route)
⦿ Réseaux d'assainissement
⦿ Divers
⦿ Giratoires et épures de giration
⦿ Métrés et bordereaux
⦿ Rendu 3D

COVADIS est un logiciel complet exploitant directement les objets AutoCAD du fichier DWG et garantissant à l’utilisateur une cohérence et une homogénéité de ses données.

10 850 licences COVADIS sont déjà installées en Europe.
GEOMEDIA SA is constantly developing the functionalities of COVADIS and offers a new version of the software to its customers every year.

Installation Autocad 2007 + COVADIS 200x-8

Download COVADIS 200x-8 for free
Click the link below to download the Covadis 200x-8 standalone installer for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. This version is compatible with all old and newest operating systems

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