Training: Trimble Business Center: Setting up a nex project

Training: Trimble Business Center: Setting up a nex project

Step 1. Create a new project

                         1.       In Trimble Business Center, select file > New 
                           Note thet your New Project window may appear differently.
1.       Make sure <Blank Templates> is selected in the list and click OK.
               The plan view appears in the Trimble Business Center window. You are now ready to select co,figuration settings for your project. 

Step 2. Select Project Settings

You can select a wide variety of settings for your new project. FGor this tutorial, youy specify various coordinate system, unit, base
 processing, and viiew project setting .
For all other project setting, you will keep the default values.

From the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the Trimble Business Cener window, select Project Settings.

2a. Select Coordinate System Parameters

  1. In this step, you will select the coordinate system you want to use for your project.
  2.         In the  navigation pane ( left) of the Project Settings dialog box, select Coordinate System.  
  3.      Click the Edit button
The Select Coordinate System dialog box appears.
If you have already selected a coordinate system to use in  Trimble Business Centerthe recently ased coordinate system option is selected and a list of previously used system appears in the Select a coordinate system dialog box..

If you have not yet selected a coordinate system, the Recently used coordinate system and area option is selected by default.

3. If not already selected, select the Coordinate.
4. Do the following :
a. From the Coordinate System Group list, select
Projection Lambert Morocco merchich 
                        b. In the Zone list, select  zone 1.
                        c. Click Next.
The Select Geoid Model dialog box appears.

The Predefined geoid model option is selected by default. (If it's not seleted, select it now.)
Coordinat System Manager is a standalone utility that gives you access to your coordinat System Manager, geoid models can be predefined Geoid model liste.
The default model selection is GEOID 12B (Conus) and the default quality setting is Unknown Quality. There is not necessary to specify a vertical reference name.

5.       Click the Finish button.

The Project Settings dialog displays the coordinate information selected in the Summary section of the Coordinate System pane.

2b. Select Units Settings

You will use the units settings to select the coordinates, distance, and GPS unit settings you want to use for your project.
  • Navigation pane (left) of the Project Settings dialog. select Units > Coordinates. Next, in the Display Order drop-downlist, select North, East, Elevation
  • In the navigation pane of the project Settings dialog, select units > Distance. Then, in  the Show drop-down list, select US Survey Foot
  • .In the navigation pane of the Project Settings dialog, select Units > GPS Time. Then, in the Show drop-down list, select GPS.
2c. Select Basic Processing Parameters

Then you are looking for horizontal and vertical values which, if exceeded, couse baselines to be flagged or processed.
  • In the navigation pane of the Project Settings dialog, with Baseline Processing > Quality
Enter the acceptance criteria properties as follows :

has. Select the If horizontal precision check box and enter the flowing values: 
 - Indicator : 0,020 m + 1,0 ppm
 - Failure : 0,050 m + 1,0 ppm

b. Ccheck the box If vertical precision and enter the following values : :
 - Indicator : 0,050 m + 1,0 ppm
 - Failure : 0,100 m + 1,0 ppm

2d. Select View Settings

In this step, you will change the color of the grid lines displayed in the plan view . You will also choose to include grid/ground properties in the point spreadsheet and maximum PDOP values for post-processed vectors in the vector spreadsheet.

1. In the Navigation Pane ( left) of the Project Settings dialog, select- View > Plan View > Grid Definition.

1.      From the Line Color drop-down list, select Magenta.
This Will change the grid lines displaed on the plan view to magenta, making them easier to see if, for example, you are viewiing photos.

In the navigation pane of the Project Settings dialog, select View > Points Speadsheet.

1.       Go to the Grid/Ground Properties section and selecrt to show the combined scale factor in the points speadsheet.

2.       In the navigation pane of the Project sETTINGS DIALOG? SELECT vIEW > Vector Spreadsheet.

 Go to the Statistics section and select to view the maximum PDOP value in the vector spreadsheet.
2.       Cliqck OK.
You have finished selecting project settings. Next, you'll look at some customization options.

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