GPS : Global Positioning System ₪ 2.3.2. The dynamic mode

GPS : Global Positioning System ₪ 2.3.2. The dynamic mode

 The dynamic mode is available in several observation methodologies, the ease of implomentation of which is strongly conditioned by the purpose of the measerements..

 Kinelatics. When it is based on the phase measerement, the kinematic mode requires thee complete determination of the ambiguities to obtain decimetric precisions. Formerly, it was necessary to initializee the mobile on a fixed position but now,"on the fly" calculation algoritms are commonly integrated into controllers. It is generaly applied to establish a relationship between physical elements and data collected on board a moving vehicle (plane for aerial shots).

 Semi-kinematic, from English stop-and-Go. This method consists of standing on each of the points to be measured for about ten seconds. Before the rover departs. the full ambiguities must be determined and the rover depart, the full ambiguities must be determined and the rover must maintain lock to at least four satellites. If the lock is lost, the operator must then return to the last correctly measured point and restart thr initialization.
This method is therefore very fast and effective but requires working in clear areas.  .

 Pseudo-kinematics. Similar to the two previous methods, it consists of stationing each point twice, for a few minutes, at least one hour apart. The advantages of two geometrier of the constellation and the comulative measurement times are then combined. However, from a practical and logistical point of view, this method is not often used.

 Fast static. This technique is based on the resolution of ambiguities over very short periods of observation. We then rely on additional information (observation of the P code, or redundant satellites). These surveys must  be taken on short baselines to achieve centimeter accuracy. Very close to semi kinematic acquisition, this technique has the advantage of not requiring locking onto four satellites while movingb between points.

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